Aim High

To aim is one thing but how do you propose to reach your goal? If one wants to be a great tennis player, he should first examine whether he is suited for the game. Is he tall and strong? Is he fast in his reflexes? Is he able to put in an effort like running 10 to 12 miles a day for several years? Is he prepared to strengthen his muscles spending several hours a week in the gym? Above all, is he prepared to learn from the masters the nuances of the game?
After answering several questions like this, honestly to himself, he should resolve inner to swerve from his aim. This makes up only a small facet of one’s personality.
He should be able to take defeat and victory in his stride. He should be able to make sacrifices all along the road. Family life may conflict with games and one may have to face internal turmoils. Honestly, grace and courage would be to one’s advantage always. Cultivating and nurturing these makes one a better person.

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