Bahula Amavasya ( Diwali) or Deepavali

Diwali is the festival of lights. It is probably one of the most widely popular festivals of India celebrated around the world. Mohammadans also celebrate Diwali festival (they give presents to hindu brothers).

Gujarathis celebrate it like Ugadi(new year’s day).  They put books in front of God and do puja. This type of puja is called “Vaahi puja” in Gujarathi.

This day, everybody lights up candles and burst fire crackers and this has been a tradition since ancient times. Because it is believed that the departed souls of elders who come to earth in the “Mahaalaya Paksha” will be returning to heaven on this day, and it is belived that the lights brighten up their path for them.

In the winter time, “Maasha Patra” – Urad leaves – is also good for health. Those who eat these leaves will not catch colds easily.

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