Bahula Chaturdasi



This day is also called as Naraka Chaturdhi. This day and Diwali day, Lakshmi devi is believed to be living in Gingelly oil. So prepare to take head bath with gingelly oil.


 Everybody has seven chakras on their backbone. If we do saadhana, then one by one, all the seven chakras light up. That person’s life will be good. Whoever saw the seven chakras in their life, they will have no darkness in their inner bodies. This festival teaches us to kill the darkness of Ignorance(“Agnana”).

 Refer to Soul section for “Sadhana” and its significance



 In the Varaahavatara time, “Naraka” was born to earth and God Vishnu. On this day, in the evening, Lord Krishna along with Satyabhaama killed Naraka. Naraka was the son of earth. So people take bath and light the candles.

In general, after rainy season, all the trash will be rotten and all the flies come up. By burning the fire crackers, all the poisonous flies will perish. The atmosphere becomes fresh and healthy. It is the beginning of winter.

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