In Telangana, “Bathukamma” festival or “Bonalu” is performed during Navarathri and specifically on Durgashtami. Bonalu is nothing but Mangala Gowri.

In a plate, people put different kinds of flowers like a pyramid and sing songs and lullabies.





On Vijaya dashami, people leave the decorated pots in wells or rivers.





These are very delightful festivities. Aritisans do puja for their instruments with haldi and kum-kum and in the everning, people go to the village outskirts and under the Shami tree, people do puja with holy chantings(“mantras”) and take the leaves of the tree to their houses and bow to elders reading the following sloka and offering the leaves to them.

“Sami smayathe paapam, sami satru vinasini |

Arjunasya Dhanurdhari, Ramasya priyadarsini ||”


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