Development starts from within – with Introspection. Philosophy, therefore, starts with the question “who am I?”. It is a wonder how negations such as “I am not this body etc., leads to the startling conclusion that “I” – “Aham” am “Saha” – “Him”(God).

Though this seems to be a single step, a lot needs to be done to bring about this. Call it personality development or penance or philosophy or Zen. Truth is that one aspiring for development should begin.

However, no two individuals are the same. So there would be no hard and fast rules. One may make one’s own alphabetical list. For example “Aim” – “Aim High” could be a goal. But what is meant by “high”? In what meaning and direction? Does it pertain to money, position, love or ennobling oneself? To what extent?

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