God’s presence

“Where can I see God?”

This question has been an eternal quest and the answers are numerous. In Mathematics, we come across the definition of a point which has neither shape, colour, form, area etc., but only existence. In the same way, “God” is defined as Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. In Devi Bhagavatha, there are some beautiful verses beginning with “Yaa devi sarva bhuteshu…”(For complete set of verses, please download them from yaadevi-sarva). What this means is that the Devi(Goddess/God) resides in every one and everything as Vishnumaaya(Magic of the God), in the form of “Chethana” and intellect, in sleep, hunger and thirst – God manifests in all.

God is in the shadow and in energy. God reveals himself as glow and peace, devition, actions, memory, mercy and satisfaction – all are his embodiments. God manifests himself as motherliness in all creatures. In all actions and through the entire creation, one could perceive His/Her presence.