I like to be happy: and I believe everyone likes to be happy. But Happiness is so elusive.

Let’s take a look at the following scenrario.

A toy makes a child happy – but only for a while. A new toy soon distracts the child. The child will start crying for it. A procession comes by and the child forgets the toys and runs with it. But he soon returns home – only to find that someone else took away his old toy too – Maybe!

Most of us are like this toddler. A new gadget – a new car – a new house – a new bank account….

All these give us only a temporary satisfaction and we soon get tired of them. So what to do?

There are several factors! and several areas that contribute to one’s happiness.

Family – friends – circumstances – attitude – approach to life etc.,

Johnson in “Rivals” describes how one harsh criticism with his son by Sir Antony Absolute spoils the day for his son who consequently speaks rashly with his wife and she chides the cook and the cook abuses the page boy and the boy goes out and kicks a dog.

Instead, if only one could think before speaking?!

Let’s examine “Happiness” more closely! I am afraid there are several facets!


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