“Persona” means a mask. Everyone dons one or the other – always. The strict teacher – who chides the children to channel their energy into useful channels would be an endearing father/mother at home – conceding all the wishes of the kids – which is the true nature of one’s self. The enquiry starts from this point. Am I a teacher – a father/mother – a brother/sister – a husband/wife? The role that I play at the moment dictates which mask I should don.

Then comes the next question – How about the dialogues and screenplay? Here, everyone tries to envision the final result in future and acts. But the human mind has myriad shades – Right? Arrogance, ego, haste, anger, fear, selfishness and greed – many are the factors that may contribute to our failure. What are the factors for success then?

Trust and openness, love and faith.


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