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Welcome to Sollers Blog! Internet has taken over our lives. The way we think, act, research, study, educate and even pass cultural values for future generations. In olden days, saints and sages used to write epics and preserve them so that next generations can build upon them and be more civilized than how they used to be. That’s why they were sages since they could foresee that someone in future might be wondering about all those things. Well, to cut through the chase, this website/blog is just one such an honest attempt to provide some pearls of wisdom for generations to come. Hope you find what you are looking for here. In case you are wondering what “Sollers” means, In Latin, sollers : clever, skillful.

What is Sollersblog?

Sollersblog is created to provide meaningful information for the present generation.

It helps answers the basic questions such as

  • Why do we do certain rituals?
  • What are we supposed to do?
  • How are we supposed to do?

The main purpose of this blog/website is to link mind-body-soul together where the content is organized into 3 main parts:

mind – provides information to keep our logical part of the brain working

body – what we are supposed to do in terms of eating right and exercising

soul – our inner awakening, soul searching, our very own existence and purpose of life

Enjoy the content and feel free to make any suggestions.

Meet the Team

Seshu & Padma Rajupalepu


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