Shakthi & why Devi Puja?

Even though name and Form(shape) is different, only one Shakti(supreme power or source of energy) is present in different incarnations. If we think so and do puja, then the results are highly beneficial. Infact, the one “Shakthi” isbeing worshipped in different forms and names.

Puranas say that this Devi Puja was performed during Ramayana time itself. In Devi Bhagavatha, Narada maharishi tells Rama about this Navarathri Vratha.

Ravana’s ten heads falling down in Rama’s hands is also called as Dasara(Das-hara). Rama leela symbolizes this. This shakthi is called Maha Kali, Maha Saraswathi, Durga, Mahishasura Mardini and Raja Rajeshwari.

Importance of Saraswathi:

Saraswathi means the power to talk. If we had no talking power, then we will be dumb. She blesses us witht eh ability to read, write and comprehend. In Maha Bharatha, she emanates from Goddess of Fire. Vedas instruct us to worship her. The sound which is coming from Mooladhara is called “Para”. The one which is nearer to heart is called “Pasyanthi”. This sound, when it is mixed with intellect is called “Vykhari”. This Vykhari sound is what we hear. These four types of sounds is Goddess Saraswathi devi. So, we have to pray to her for good words.