Sudha Chavithi (Nagula Chavithi)

On this day, people offer prayers to Snake and worship nagamayya with great devotion.

Nagula Chavithi is celebrated during the months of  both “Sravana”(August) and/or in “Karthikam” (November). “Nagu” means the snake and “Chavithi” is the fourth day after every newmoon day.  On this day, devotees observe fast and worship Nagamayya, the supreme snake- the Seven hooded cobra.

Fresh flowers, milk, mung dal soaked overnight in water(vada pappu), mixture of riceflour and sugar syrup(chalimidi), sesame ladoo and fresh coconut are offered as prasadam.

Devotees offer milk to Naga Vigraham beneath the bodhi tree in temples and complete the pooja.

Essentially, we should respect all beings surrounding us. Snakes are always considered threat and people try to attack and kill them and the significance of this festival is that if we treat even the most dangerous with love and care, we will not be harmed.

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