Sudha Dwadasi

People do puja to Tulasi(Holy Basil) plant on this special day. This is also called as “Chiluku Dwadasi”, ” Ksheerabdi Dwadasi”, “Govastra Dwadasi” and “Vibhuti Dwadasi”. In the evening, people worship a cow, and put lights in front of God and Tulasi. This day, Lord Vishnu comes to Tulasi Brindavan with Lakshmi and Brahma. People offer lighted pots of silver, or bronze.


Tulasi Significance:

Tulasi is a very useful, medicinal plant and it drives away bad odor and flies. Tulasi leaves are good for health. Tulasi is the embodiment of “Bhakti” and love. Everyday, women water the Tulasi for mental peace and happiness. Even during festival days, people put Tulasi leaves on food and Prasadam. In sacred water (Theertham) also people put Tulasi leaves.


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